Students in the graduate journalism program at the University of Mississippi School of Journalism & New Media set out to explore two of the state's greatest challenges -- food insecurity and health. The issues are clearly connected, and as each of our four centerpiece stories illustrates, the solutions will likely involve many different types of people approaching the problems in a myriad of ways.

An Update From Helen StewartAn Update from the James C. Kennedy Wellness CenterAn Update from Samsara GardensAn Update from Dan MauneyAn Update from Oxford Community Market

Audio Updates

When the COVID-19 pandemic began wreaking havoc in Mississippi in March 2020, the state’s most vulnerable were clearly in the cross hairs. Our team went back to some of the key players in our stories to find out how they were coping with the new challenges added to their plates.

Visual Extras

There are so many health issues facing Mississippi residents that our team wanted to add a bit more to the conversation. The goal is to add to the audience’s understanding of the state’s challenges by providing brief videos to help explain some key concepts.